Vasiliki Sgourdou

Freelance Multimedia Journalist & Translator

Hello. Welcome to my personal website.

I am Vasiliki, an avid storyteller and a translator with a flair for languages. Originally from Greece, I count already four years as a New Yorker.

Over the years of my very early youth, I availed myself of student exchange programs to travel, live and settle in several European countries, growing into the culturally intelligent person that I am today. Having explored new cultures and communities through studies, food and friendships I have stopped seeing difference as a difficulty.

If there is one thing I know now, it is this: Languages bring us one step closer to one another; sharing our life stories and listening to the life stories of others can bring us another step closer.

I am constantly looking for stories like the ones you will find in here; stories that should be told, stories that would give others a reason to believe in themselves. This is my drive.


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