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All Majors Career Fair attracts unexpected number of students

Published on 22nd April 2017

More than two hundred NYIT Manhattan students and fifty recruiters join the event

A large number of students had the chance to meet in person with recruiters from leading companies in their field on March 7th at a networking event hosted by Career Services. Students from the Manhattan campus of all different degrees and majors traveled to the Old Westbury campus for the occasion.

For the three weeks preceding the event, participants attended a series of three short workshops for a thorough pre-event preparation. Assistant Director of Career Services in Manhattan, Sudeh Jahan, wanted the meetings to be “fun and attractive.” At first, she asked students to make a small introduction of their fellow students next to them, urging them to get to know each other. The following week, she asked them to write their favorite motivational quotes and pass them on to the rest of the class through a “pillow fight.”

Students were encouraged to develop their resumes, their 30-second elevator pitches as well as their LinkedIn profiles to show the best of their professional self. Pre-event program also included a Business Fashion Hour where they learned how to dress professionally and even walked down the runway in business attire.

“When I was in college, nobody told me how important it is to get an internship before I graduate. That’s why I encourage all my students before they work in the industry to do an internship, because they compete with other students, not with people working for years in the industry,” says Sudeh.

She and the International Student Support Specialist, James Huang, were the main presenters at the workshops. “Our purpose through all this is to teach students how to market themselves, approach employers, network, and do interviews. Job searching is a lifetime skill set and finding the job you want is a numbers game,” says Sudeh while reminding attendees that “only twenty percent of job openings are advertised, the other eighty percent is found in the hidden job market, to which access is gained through club memberships, social media, volunteer work, informational interviews and family/friends circles.”

On the day of the Job Fair, James was encouraged by the attendees’ energy and preparation. “Many students came with a purpose. Those who cannot do an internship yet or are undecided about their majors or careers took the opportunity to network and explore” he mentions.

Among the recruiters were GEICO; Canon USA; AeroTek; AECOM; Publishers Clearing House; Dixon Advisory USA; and many more.

Sudeh and James’ counterpart in Old Westbury, Liz Sposato, considers it “the largest to date in the four years Career Services has been running it with over 200 attendees.” Based on this attendance rate, she is now reconsidering shortening the series for next year.