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Media Professionals Discuss the Elections

Published on 20th October 2016

Ever wondered what journalists think of the media outside a newsroom? NYIT invited some of them on Tuesday September 20th to the event “Meet the Media: Ethics and the Presidential Elections” to discuss about media ethics ahead of the elections of November 4th.

All panelists were of the same mind. “It is harder for journalists to work by the rules they used to when not everybody else” in this campaign “is playing by the rules”, said Noreen O’Donnell, Staff Writer at NBC. Frank Washkuch, News Editor at PRWeek, agreed that “journalists don’t seem happy with the access they get to these elections”. We have come to the point where “trust to the media has been completely eroded and people hear what they want to hear”, declared Charity Elder, Executive Producer at Yahoo.

According to Matthew Bishop, Senior Editor at the Economist, “we live in the era of post-truth politics when the old-fashioned definition of truth cannot be applied”. Back home, in Britain, he said “everyone is worried sick” about the chances Donald Trump – whom he mentioned as “a reality TV star” – is getting to become the next President of the United States.

Matthew Murray, Deputy Editor in Chief at the Wall Street Journal and the Dow Jones, looked deeper in the matter. “The challenge is that media’s voice is not as it was and today the extreme statement drives the news” but this is nothing new. “Polarization and fracturing of the media started in the ‘60s and was slowly deteriorating until the 00’s when financial crisis opened up the economic divide”.

Murray told the Manhattan Globe he is still fascinated by the frenzy newsrooms, although during this particular campaign they “don’t know what to expect. Trump changed the shape of things when he himself first announced the recent bombings in Manhattan. The next few minutes a war on Twitter started and journalists couldn’t find themselves nowhere in there”.