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STAFF SPOTLIGHT: Bookstore Manager

Published on 26th March 2017

Bridget Rojas has always a smiling face on and is glad to help at any moment. And yet, there are days where she works at the bookstore and just cannot keep it to herself, at least, that is what she claims for herself. This and many other things NYIT students would not know about her even though they interact with her every day.

Q: Tell us a little about yourself.

A: I was born in Manhattan and now I live in East Harlem. I am originally from Nicaragua, but I have not been there in years. I am an NYIT alumni, since 2015, and majored in Graphic Design.

Q: How have you decided to stay on campus?

A: I moved with the bookstore from the time it first opened up in 2008, taking the place of Barnes and Noble. The Department is open to alumnus and I really enjoy that I have kept in touch with faculty members and I can use the labs. In the summer, when things at school are slow I work as a freelancer in graphic design but pay is sporadic there.

Q: What is your best quality at work?

A: I am very calm during a crisis. I like to figure out things on my own and that is why I do not easily ask for help. I do manage at the end but it just takes a little longer.

Q: How do you deal with bad moments at work?

A: When I get uncomfortable, especially towards the end of the semester, I just shut the situation down, saying “no” all the time; this deflates customers.

Q: How is Bridget as a person?

A: Very strong and nice to people who deserve it. In the past, I used to be nice to everybody but now I have learned I should be nicer to myself than other people.

Q: What do you like to do on your days off?

A: I go out every weekend. From Monday to Friday, I am on job mode and when weekend comes, I am like “where is the nearest bar?” I also go to museums. The Met is my favorite. My favorite par is the Greek sculpture section; the lighting in there I love.

Q: What book did you read last?

A: I generally like to read historical fiction and “chick lit”. But the last one was a book about the Mongols. Someone talking about the movie “The Great Wall” said that the monsters were created after the Mongolian culture and that the Mongolians took over China, so I wanted to find out more and started reading about it.

Q: Three words your friends would use to best describe you:

A: Crazy, because I am a different person when I am with them; nice and smart – I would hope.

Q: If there were only one person that has inspired you in life, who would that person be?

A: Frida Kahlo. She is my favorite artist. Her life resonated with me. She went through many hardships, but she never stopped fighting. She had something that would have probably depressed anyone and maybe would have made them not care about life, but that made her care more about life.