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Employment scam targets college students

FBI: “If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” The employer would send a letter: “Enclosed is your first check. Please cash the check, take $300 as your pay and send the rest to the vendor for supplies.” The students who had just started working for him would deposit this check into their personal bank account and later withdraw a sizable amount as instructed. By the time they would get the notification from their bank, it would be too late.

NEW YORK, WASHINGTON: Massive Protests on Inauguration Day

When Communication Arts sophomore from NYIT, Devin Zacchino, rallied in New York, he had decided not to watch the news that day. Trying “not to get too aggravated,” he took to the streets instead to find “a sense of liberation.” It was the second time in his life he was protesting and once again it was against Donald Trump. “I felt a lot better, safer, and less alone because it was scary when he won”, he says.